9th Inning Tee's introduction and bio

The who's, what's and why's of 9th Inning Tee's

Hello, and Welcome to our blog

Let me start by first introducing myself, my name is Cinda Bell and I am so very happy to have made your acquaintance today. In this blog post you will find all the good stuff on the who's, what's and why's of 9th Inning Tee's. I would like to share with you a little bit about who the men or women behind the curtain are.

So who is Cinda Bell, you ask. Well let me show you who I am by first telling you my story. I was Born, lol just kidding we're not going that far back in this flash back. I kid, A LOT Ha Ha! But any who, all in a nut shell I have many hats I like to put on. I'm a Wife and proud Mother of two handsome boy's. I'm a Sister and friend to many. I work at a small local convenience store part time and I'm involved in the construction of some other small up and coming local business in my community/family. We will get in to telling ya about them a little later.

Why I decided to start up an online business even with all of those things going on in my life right now, you wonder? Well that one is kind of a longer story, if your up to hearing it. See it all started about three years ago. My husband and I had just gotten the greatest news ever, we were pregnant with our second child. But you know how when those big life changes come and your not really expecting them. We know that a lot was going to change in a small amount of time. With the new baby coming we were going to need a bigger place to live, because at the time we only had a two bedroom. Our little trio just got a fourth member of the band. But when you work hard and live paycheck to paycheck it gets harder when a big change takes place. In preparation for the new lil booger when ready for picking, we had to work more. My loving husband Terry, did all he could do to earn extra money. He worked two jobs, did odd jobs on the side, heck he even went to work for his father cutting grass on the days he wasn't at one of the other places of employment. And all of it Still couldn't get us there, if you know what I mean. So fast forward over the next few months we struggle to stay a float. The Booger is picked and comes home.

Terry comes home one day and tells me that he is going in to business with my little brother John, on his Record Label Grass Mask Records. I'm like oh yeah, cause he has been working on that label with his buddies since he was like fourteen. I laughed and said what is he going to pay you in Musical Farts. But seriously though i have always encouraged John to do what he is passionate about, and Music has always been his passion and I am so proud of all the hard work that has gone in to making the label what it is today and what it will be in the tomorrows to come.

Okay so, Terry teams up with little brother John and they create a partnership that just blow my mind. This team looks for local struggling music artist and helps them get their passion going with recording and  promotions. John gets them in to his home studio and helps them record tracks and stuff. Then the artist goes to Terry for promotions. Isn't that so cool? They even created a real neat web site to better promote the artist or what ever project they are working on at the time. It's called Real Local Music and they have all kinds of amazing stuff on there y'all should check them out sometime @reallocalmusic.com.

As the record label started to gain momentum, and more artist. The boy's asked me to join the team as a general management type, to help with all kinds of things from original ideas to being behind the camera on video shoots. But we all quickly realized that starting and running a business takes quite a bit of $$$$. Like I Said earlier, it sucks when you live paycheck to paycheck and you have mouths to feed. But as my mother always said if it's right and worth doing then you better do it right. So as my way of building the company and doing it right, by helping support the artists that we work with and that is why I decided to create this store. Profits from our online business are going to be used to support the current and on going construction of what we like to call the musical triangle. Musicians and artists go in, but they never come ooouutt!! Ha Ha! 

What is the Musical Triangle? The triangle is something like an umbrella for all of the companies involved. The triangle shelters Grass Mask Records (right angle) Real Local Music (left angle) and 9th Inning (top angle). Right angle records artists, left angle promotes artists, and top angle is for artist merchandising. All of which is made to better support everyone's passion without anyone drowning in financial diet. We enter those waters as a team and everyone stays above the waves. 9th Inning tee's was created to showcase our artists logos and clip/band art, and or to help them create their art and logos.

That's right we don't just have musical artist we also have actual artists that we work with. I have sought out some of the best local artist in our community to work with as well. Right now I would like to introduce you to our very good friends Tony and Suzy Allen, and tell you all that those two are the fuel that really drives 9th Innings bus. LOL She is probably going to want to strangle when she see's this, (: Suzy, honey I'm  sorry, I had to, I Heart U-2! you know I had to ;) lol

Tony is a good friend of my husband. They worked together a few years ago. And like always minimum wage jobs come and go. Those two always seemed to stay in touch though. It was one of those friendships that seem to grow and grow. You see that friendship blossomed in to a business relationship with Tony and his beautiful wife Suzy. Get this, Tony is the Music Artist from The Dearly Beloved Band. His wife Suzy, She is the very talented Artist behind The Dearly Beloved's Band Art and logos.

So Tony comes over one day, and they are siting at the table talking about recording over at John's studio and stuff. Everyone's in on the conversation you know it's like a big brain storm session right. LOL just another day at the office  that happens to be in the middle of my kitchen by the way. Somehow the conversation got shifted my way. Now at this time The 9th was just a thought, it wasn't even an idea yet. So i told them a little about some research I had done and this idea of mine, and the guys went nuts. They said that i should follow my passion and run with it, so that is what I did. But i didn't have anything to start with like logos or art. That's when Tony told us that Suzy did all the cover art for The Dearly Beloved. Man I hit the roof, I had known that dude for a few years and never knew his wife was such a talented artist. So the thought of 9th Inning transformed into an idea.

Now I just had to pitch the idea to the rest of the gang and a few community extras. The idea was liked so well i decided to launch my Shopify Store. Now we have so much going on the store has all these awesome designs new artist are coming out and asking about us. It's just so great to build something your passionate about with others who are passionate standing beside you. I'm looking forward to sharing more of our story with you as our little family may become part of your little family. 

We'll catch ya on the flip side, until next time keep dreaming. You can change your stars if you wish and work hard enough :)