Automotive Performance Enhancement with Dove Technologies

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Automotive Performance Enhancement

with Dove Technologies

Do you drive in seasonal weather? You Know, harsh seasonal weather can and will take it's toll on a vehicle. Perhaps you do daily driving in a big city environment like New York or Chicago? All that stop and go action is definitely hard on a vehicle especially on the Brakes and pads! Maybe you live in a kid friendly neighborhood, kids playing in and around the streets. Children are so wonderful and inventive in the mode of play, but very unpredictable running in all directions at times.
So okay, most of us can agree with some of the scenarios above right! With all that having been said, we all know that proper vehicle maintenance is very important! But did you know that the value of the type of the parts you put on that vehicle is also very important! When the Brake pads go out that's not a good thing, we typically buy the cheap pads and take our chances. Right? When it comes to your vehicles Stopping Power you really shouldn't take chances!

That's why we would like to introduce to you the New Wave in Brake Pad Technology. Eddie Horton is the founder of Dove Technologies, and they have reinvented Brake Pad Technology. Eddie Horton is an Inventor of many of his own original designs. From Bethalto, IL comes this inspirational Brake Pad Technology of the Future. Working out of his own family business there in Bethalto the Horton family has gained a lot of small town fame.

Horton's Outdoor and Automotive is the birth place of this Cool Wave Brake performance technology. Dove Technologies is currently seeking to gain funding to begin manufacturing their, Horton's Cool Wave Brakes. These Brake pads are the latest in High Performance brake pad tech. The Cool Wave tech has been tested and proven to show that this brake pad is Quieter,Last Longer, Stops Quicker and Produces Less Dust than other brake pads on the market today.
If you would Like to make a donation, the Horton family has a Kick-starter campaign, and and all Donations will be much appreciated. Campaign ends Nov 27,2018 
Be sure to watch the Video on Kick-starter, you may see a few familiar Logo's. 

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